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  1. Kaleb Brownlow
  2. Global initiatives
  3. Thursday, 14 May 2015
Dear TechNet colleagues:
As presented this morning, the Vaccine Alliance Data for Management (D4M) working group is developing a guidance package on immunisation supply chain dashboards that includes a menu of primary supply chain performance indicators for countries to select from that meet their needs. The indicators and dashboards are intended for managers at multiple levels of the immunization supply chain and provide visualisation examples and suggested corrective actions for each indicator. This guidance will be endorsed by the Alliance Partners (WHO, UNICEF, Gavi Secretariat, BMGF).
We want your input and feedback to inform the guidance and proposed indicator menu to make the guidance document as relevant and useable as possible!
We thank you in advance for taking time to provide valuable feedback to us.The survey should take less than 15 minutes to complete.
For further information on the guidance document and how to get involved contact: Jan Grevendonk (, WHO), Dorthe Konradsen (, Unicef SD) Kaleb Brownlow (, Gavi) or Anna Rapp (, BMGF).
D4M working group
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