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  3. Friday, 18 March 2011
Background: In 2010 the 63rd World Health Assembly called for a comprehensive response to viral hepatitis. As mandated by the WHA, from 2011 onwards, World Hepatitis Day is promoted on 28 July in order to provide an opportunity for awareness raising and greater understanding of viral hepatitis as a global public health problem, and to stimulate the strengthening of preventive and control measures of hepatitis-related morbidity and mortality in all World Health Organization (WHO) Member States. The World Hepatitis Alliance is a non-governmental organisation working in partnership with the WHO to coordinate World Hepatitis Day. Strategic objective: The overarching strategic objective of World Hepatitis Day is to convince key stakeholders of the urgency to take action to prevent, identify and treat viral hepatitis. The primary audiences are: • Ministries of Health and policy makers • Medical and health practitioners • The general public • Existing advocacy groups and activists Outreach to these groups can be achieved through: • WHO Regional and Country Offices • Civil society groups • The media • Professional associations • Academia Campaign Theme: This is hepatitis… Slogan: Know it. Confront it. Hepatitis affects everyone, everywhere. Outcomes: Desired outcomes include increased awareness and understanding of hepatitis among the general public, ongoing support for the World Hepatitis Day cause and a sense of urgency amongst all stakeholders to prioritise action. Evaluation of the campaign’s success will be based on indicators including: • Number of countries who participate in the World Hepatitis Day campaign • Activities initiated by the WHO Regional Offices • Media impact—number of press articles and features • World Hepatitis Day website usage—visits and downloads • High profile endorsements • Increase in partners and quality of collaboration • National strategies and allocation of resources WHO products • Technical fact sheets on viral hepatitis • Fact files to "visualize" facts around hepatitis • WHO web notifications and news updates (e.g. • News in WHO Bulletin (June issue) • Press release • Statement by the Director General of WHO • Campaign Poster • Audio-visual materials • Photo stories and first person accounts • Toolkit for WHO country offices and event organizers WHO Focal Points: Corporate Communications: Dr. Gaya Gamhewage World Health Organization, Geneva Tel. +41.22.791. Viral Hepatitis Medical and Technical Issues: Dr. Steven Wiersma World Health Organization, Geneva Tel. +41.22.791.1511 Regional Public Information Officers: Peter Cordingley (Manila, Philippines) WHO Regional Office for the Western Pacific Telephone: 9+63 2 528 9992, 9+63-2 710 2578 Omid Mohit (Cairo, Egypt) WHO Regional Office for the Eastern Mediterranean Tel:+ 20 10 6019087 Mona Yassin Communications Officer (Cairo, Egypt) Tel: +202-2-27-65020 Mob: +2-01060 Ali Al Mudhwahi Medical Officer (Cairo, Egypt) Tel + 202 22765523 Mobile: + 2 01502 Vismita Gupta-Smith (New Delhi, India) WHO Regional Office for South-East Asia Telephone: +91 11 233 70971; +91 11 23309401 Mobile: +91 9871329861 Liuba Negru (Copenhagen, Denmark) WHO Regional Office for Europe Telephone: +45 39 17 13 44 Sam Ajibola, Communications Officer AFRO, Brazzaville, Congo Telephone: + 47 241 39 387 mobile: +242 653 7022 Collins Boakye-Agyemang, Communications Officer AFRO, Brazzaville, Congo Tel: 00 472 413 9420 Daniel Epstein, Communications Officer AMRO/PAHO Washington, USA Email Telephone: + 1 202 974-3459 202 974 3122 Sonia Mey-Schmidt, Communications Officer AMRO/PAHO Washington, USA Tel +1 202 974-3036 Mob +1 202 439 Gilles Collette, Media Relations and Multi Media Services AMRO/PAHO Washington, USA Tel. 1-202-974-3034 GPN: 43034 Nicolas Gaudin, Ph. D (Lyon, France) Head, IARC Communication Group WHO/International Agency for Research on Cancer Tel. +33 (0) 472 738 485 Fax.+33 (0) 472 738 311 Email: ;

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