Monitoring and Evaluation Framework COVID‑19 Strategic Preparedness and Response (SPRP)


The COVID‑19 M&E Framework aims to assess performance and to provide recorded information to support analysis of progress against the SPRP1 and the related SPRP Strategy Update. The main objective is to establish and maintain a set of global and country indicators to support: strategic thinking, operational tracking, real-time evidence-based decision‑making, and to ensure advocacy and transparency between donors, UN agencies, and partners involved in the response. This will allow WHO, other UN agencies, and partners to track progress against goals and to correct approaches and actions should this be necessary. The specific objectives are to: • Monitor COVID‑19 response activities by measuring key input, output, and outcome indicators at both global and country levels; • Produce systematic assessments and analyses of response activities; • Compare activity results against the epidemiological progression of the pandemic; • Help the prioritization of response activities and inform decision-making amongst all partners; • Support and accelerate transparency and information sharing; • Support preparedness and response planning; • Produce evidence for operational reviews and lessons learned.