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Annexes to the Laboratory Manual Homepage

The annexes provide basic test method details or guidance documents to augment the material in the laboratory manual. The annex materials and protocols are not intended to provide laboratories with a standard operating protocol (SOP) as is, but may serve as a template for each individual laboratory to develop SOPs, and to stay current with new techniques as appropriate according to availability and resources.
The inclusion of reagents and products from specific manufacturers does not constitute an endorsement by the WHO or the GMRLN.

The documents are organized by subject matter into groups designated by a letter (A-F) and a number. Each annex in the list is assigned a consecutive number. If a document is superseded by a revised version, the new version will have a numeric extension. For example, if a revised version of an existing document named Annex B5 becomes available, the revised document will replace the original document and will be referred to as Annex B5.2.

New protocols will be added to the appropriate group with the next consecutive number at the end of the existing list.

The annex groups are organized according to subject matter described below. Click on the annex group below to navigate to the page with the directory (list) of the individual protocols (and links to pdfs) within the annex group.


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