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Remote Temperature Monitoring Set Request for a quotation. Delivery lead time: 16 to 20 weeks subjected to changes RF receiver and 2G / 3G internet gateway Use: Real time cold room or facility temperature monitoring Function: Wireless monitoring network: An easy to install wireless network provides the wireless communication for continuous monitoring. This network communicates with battery operated wireless temperature sensors that will be placed in storage facilities. These sensors contain a temperature and/or humidity sensor, but also function as wireless data loggers. The measured data is uploaded to and analyzed by a secured central database. In case of a temperature excursion or a door left open in your cold room or facility, a flashing light turns on as well as automated e-mail and or SMS alert are going to be send out to user configurable addresses. SmartView web application: A flexible web-based software platform that collects data from various locations into an integrated real-time view. The software platform creates real-time visibility, alerts, history reports, analysis and is accessible via Login and Password through your web browser without installation of any software. Indicative prices include the use of online Smartview software, all hardware and SMS and 2G / 3G data for 3 years, without installation, training and travel expenses nor local maintenance and services. All devices are delivered with a NIST/ILAC traceable certificate. For more information:

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