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Berlinger Fridge-tag
Berlinger & Co. AG
30-day electronic temperature logger
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30-day electronic temperature logger

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Reports on good and poor equipment.

This is an excellent post. Thank you Patrick.

Can we have more reports, please on equipment that you think works well and on equipment that does not work well?

It would be useful to see more reports on the quality of cold boxes, vaccine carriers, syringes, freezers, refrigerators, cold rooms, refrigerated vehicles, etc., and any other equipment that you use.
Just a Patrick did in his report (with text and pictures), I suggest you include:
1. The manufacturer's name,
2. the model name or number,
3. the length of time the item has been in service, and
4. a description of what's right or wrong.

With more report companies that consistently produce high quality equipment will get the reputation they deserve, and similarly the companies that produce poor quality equipment will also get the reputation they deserve.

Keep the reports coming, please!

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Strange experience with the Fridge Tag 1

In conducting a cold room temperature mapping in DR Congo using a different type of temperature loggers, I was one logger short for capturing ambient temperatures. Luckily, the store keeper pulled out a box from behind his desk full of Fridge Tags. I thought my problem was solved until it came time to choose one in the box that I'd use for measuring ambient tempartures. As you'll see from the photo attached, all Fridge Tags were displaying different temperatures even though they were all in the same location. The most extreme variation was between a logger indicating 26.7C and another indicating 31.9C. This is almost a 6C difference for two loggers recording temperatures in the same location.
Has anyone else had such an experience? Does anyone know why this might be the case? (note that all Fridge Tags in that box had the same production date and estimated battery life until 2018).

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roger.sabat Written by roger.sabat
June 01, 2016
Please note that the devices in the previous report where used a year after the expiry date. The devices were delivered to the DRC in April 2013 with a 24 month life time after a storage period of approx. 6 months. The erratic behaviour is caused due to the fact that the batteries are not at full capacity and beyond the expiry date. Hope this clarifies the matter and let me know if further information is needed.
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Like it!

Fridge-tag is a very good product.
In my opinion main benefits is:
- easy to understand how it works and how to control temperature
- big and contrast display, with big diggits - easy to control for staff with impaired vision;
- cost-effective;
- can be localized into another language (we place russian lable on the front panel);
- not necessary to re-calibrate;

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single use ?

Single use ?
Since this device is probably for warehousing, does it include humidity recording ?

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Denis Written by Denis
September 12, 2014
Dear Pierre,
The primary purpose of this device is to be used in a vaccine refrigerator, therefore I am not sure that measuring humidity might have an added value since vaccine vials, stoppers and labels are meant to support a high level of humidity. I would agree though that monitoring humidity in a warehouse is a plus.