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  1. Narayana Holla
  2. équipement de la chaîne du froid
  3. dimanche 26 juillet 2015
Potency of vaccine at the time of administration to the beneficiaries is of utmost importance in preventing morbidity and mortality due to vaccine preventable diseases. Evolution of more and more vaccines against crippling and lethal diseases has made vaccination the most cost-effective and important strategy from control to eradication. Domestic refrigerators with horizontally opening vertical door is not recommended by WHO for keeping vaccines for certain reasons leading to excess“temperature excursions”.However, it appears that the storage code is not evolved enough to make the best use of the right equipment (ILR) recommended by the WHO. Since I had problems responding to some of the questions asked by the vaccine / cold chain handlers, I am sharing these questions with the cold chain specialists for addressing the same.
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Logical Epid Réponse acceptée
In your article you have mentioned "Open vial policy allows 3 excursions of MDVP vaccines" (highlighted in attachment). I just wanted to clarify that recent guidelines no longer mention that vaccine vials should be taken out only 3 times. Guidelines suggest that, they can be taken out any number of times till 28 days of opening, given the conditions of MDVP are met.
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Narayana Holla Réponse acceptée
Thanks for the response. As expressed, cold chain specialists may look into the "Vaccine Storage Code in the ILR" posted in the technet available from:, attached edited version for reference. Please do provide expert comment for self education and the team. Please do look into "Operationalizing WHO revised MDVP and open vial policy guidelines issued by the Govt" available from and critically review and provide CSF (Comments/Sggestions/feedback) for educating myself and my team further.
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Logical Epid Réponse acceptée
This is informative. we should motivate all healthcare providers who conduct immunization to store vaccines in ILR or guide them with proper method of storing vaccines in refrigerator and maintaining it properly. This is a big concern particularly among individual private practitioners in India. there should be proper guidelines from government and also should be regularly monitored by government. And just to clarify a point in your article; Govt of India's revised open vial policy of 2013 no more restricts using opened vials for any 3 times. Date of opening vials should be mentioned on them and can be used for 28 days. can be taken out any number of times. of course they have given prerequisites about VVM, Expiry date, no contamination and proper cold chain. And MDVP not applicable to Measles, BCG and JE as before. same is MDVP guidelines across countries.

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