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  1. Shankuk Bhatta
  2. Gestion du programme
  3. mercredi 30 décembre 2020

I tried to obtain new registration for EVM assessment as assessor in but the portal opens with . It made me difficult to request for assessor. I would like to request for way to reqeust for assess. The country manager could not permit to conduct assessment. As well as for training purpose, how can I download questionnaire either in excel or word format.

Shankuk Bhatta Réponse acceptée

Thank you Dan, and Happy New Year.  I got the invitation link but that it did not work. The ( .) dot sign in between the email did not make it work . I have requested  to EVM secretariat . Thank you. 



  1. il y a plus d'un mois
  2. Gestion du programme
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Dan Brigden Réponse acceptée

Hi Shankuk, and Happy New Year. 

There is a new step in the EVM2 registration process that was introduced recently due to increased security requirements on the WHO website. In short, if you do NOT have a WHO or PAHO email address, you need to request access. Please send an email requesting access to Once you have been granted access, you can sign in to the EVM2 website in the normal way.

I have already granted you access so you should now be able to create your EVM2 account and request access for any country.



  1. il y a plus d'un mois
  2. Gestion du programme
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