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  3. samedi 13 juin 2020

Dear Partners and Coleagues,


As Haier Biomedical is a manufacturer of medical cold chain for more than 20 years, recently we are always asked what cold chain solution is recommended for the Covid-19, especially for the RT-PCR Kit, virus sample and vaccine transportation and storage.

To make a response to that request, we had done some webinar recently about Ultra low temperature cold chain, blood, vaccine and phamacy cold chain and supply chain. I think most of our participants here are very familiar with the vaccine cold chain, but not too much exposed to Ultra low cold chain. I am very glad to attach a presentation I made recently which we use to explain what cold chain shall be prepared to response to the Covid-19 for our partners, especially we use many slides to show new technologies of Ultra low cold chain.

You can also get more useful materials from our website, or contact me directly <> for more soft copies and video materials, as well the link for our webinars.


Cold Chain Specialist/Project Director

Enrique Wang-Haier Biomedical

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