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  1. Narayana Holla
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  3. mercredi 14 novembre 2018

Dear viewers,

As announced earlier in August 2018, the author with the help of his team could realize his dream and celebrated “EuVac Baby Award Ceremony” today in KVG Medical College Hospital.

Dr KV Chidananda, Medical Director, iterated that parents have very crucial role in getting their children vaccinated timely and completely. Many parents are vaccinating their children more close to the schedule than in the previous decades. This is a welcome step, depicting more awareness among the beneficiaries. He profusley thanked Dr Subramanya Taluk, Health Officer, and Dr Bhanumathi, AMO of CHC Sullia, all the Jr Health Assistants female, AWWs, ASHAs from the Government who brought the eligible beneficiaries from their respective area for the celebration and made it more jubilant. He congratulated all the parents. He felicitated the Vaccination team of the college providing world class services and supporting the government in implementing RI programme. All the three attached PHCs will cross 90% vaccination coverage before 2018, and the college will help in sustaining the high coverage. 

Parents were greeted with warmth, they were provided a small gift (a tumbler and a spoon), and a certificate of appreciation. Laasya - the Indexed baby - was specially honored. 

Please find the attached one page depicting the glimpses of the celebration with photos.

We heartily wish you a happy reading.

Holla and the team




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