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Ce forum est un lieu d'échange où les membres peuvent poser des questions, partager leurs expériences, coordonner des activités, et discuter les récentes avancées en matière de vaccination.
  1. Nina Gerlach
  2. Les initiatives mondiales
  3. mardi 20 avril 2021

The World Health Organization (WHO), UNICEF and the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) are collaborating to strengthen implementation of home-based records. An implementation guide to support countries in reviewing their home-based records is under development; Fuse ForeSight will be supporting the development process.

As part of this effort, we are seeking policy-makers and programme managers who would like to contribute to the development of simple decision-making tools that would allow country actors to assess the current content of their home-based record as well as operational support by reflecting on some simple questions such as:

  • Why have we included this information in the home-based record?
  • Who uses this information (women or family member, health provider, health programme data)?
  • What is the cost of including the information in the home-based record?
  • How is the design of a home-based record coordinated at country level? etc.

We are looking for policy-makers/programme managers of countries:

Your input will involve providing feedback during short zoom calls that we are planning over the next 6 months. 

If you are interested in participating, or if you have any questions, please contact Rich Radka (

Many thanks in advance for your contributions!

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