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POST 01298E: NEEDLE-FREE INJECTORS FOLLOW-UP ON POST 01292E 3 AUGUST 2008 ******************************************* PATH is researching the use of disposable-cartridge jet injectors (DCJIs) for the delivery of vaccines in developing-country public-sector immunization programs. DCJIs potentially offer substantial improvements to health care worker safety and waste management. The ultimate goal is to determine the appropriateness and applicability of DCJIs for public-sector use in low-resource settings, and if the results are positive, to advance the technology for potential market introduction. The team’s work focuses on obtaining regulatory approval of selected devices, conducting bridging studies with EPI vaccines, and implementing a pilot introduction study to understand use of the technology in a real setting. Additionally, the project will examine the feasibility of intradermal reduced-dose delivery of selected vaccines of public health importance. Darin Zehrung ([][/email]) & Emily Griswold ([][/email]) PATH -------- Needle Free Delivery via Disposable-Cartridge Jet Injector (PATH) Needle-free injectors as a sustainable alternative to syringes (MIT International Review: Spring 2008) Preventing contamination between injections with multiple-use nozzle needle-free injectors: a safety trial. (Vaccine, 4 March 2008) Needle-free injection--science fiction or comeback of an almost forgotten drug delivery system? (Med Monatsschr Pharm. August 2007) Post generated using Mail2Forum (

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