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  3. vendredi 24 avril 2009
POST 01421E: SYRINGE MELTERS FOLLOW-UP ON POSTS 01406E & 01411E 24 APRIL 2009 ****************************************** Joanie Robertson responds to Hans Everts’s questions regarding how many syringes of a given type can be melted and whether the melter is easily transportable. --------- The syringe melters have 2 containers, each can hold about 250 syringes of the typical immunization AD type, so the total number of syringes processed per cycle is about 500. In the India trial, the needles were removed from the syringes with a needle remover prior to melting. Without doing this, the capacity in the containers would be reduced to about 150 per container for a total of 300 per melt cycle. If it is a campaign, transport is available via jeep or other vehicle, then it is transportable. It would be too heavy for the healthcare workers to carry in public transport or on foot. Joanie Robertson Technical Officer PATH

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