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  1. Shankuk Bhatta
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  3. lundi 21 décembre 2020

 Dear all, I am looking for sampling in EVM 2. Please help me know the sampling process , sampling frame .

Paul Colrain Réponse acceptée

Hi Shankuk

You will find the EVM site selection user guide here:

The document describes the site selection process and how to use the site selection tool.

Note, the methodology used in EVM2 is the same as in EVM1.

I have also attached a short description of the statistics behind the methodology.

Cheers, Paul

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Dan Brigden Réponse acceptée

Hi Shankuk, good question! The best place to go to for all information on EVM2 is this topic page on TechNet:

In particular, the EVM Manager Guide gives instructions on how to conduct the random site selection in EVM2:

If you want to know the technical details about how the sampling is drawn (based on target population of LD facilities), you will need to refer to the EVM1 document on this - the sampling methodology between EVM1 and EVM2 has not changed. Unfortunately the WHO EPI website where this document is stored ( is currently unavailable and I am unable to find it in the TechNet Resource Library. Perhaps another TechNet member with a saved copy can share?

Regards, Dan

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