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  1. Karuna Luthra
  2. équipement de la chaîne du froid
  3. jeudi 12 décembre 2019

Hi all,

Gavi, the Vaccine Alliancce has updated the Cold Chain Equipment ‘Technology Guide’, to support the appropriate selection of modern, efficient and reliable technologies. We wanted to let you know the updated CCEOP Technology Guide is available here (and attached) and will permanently be hosted on this page of the Gavi website


The Technology Guide, which was complied through inputs from Alliance partners and technical asistance providers, provides an overview of equipment that is eligble for support through Gavi's Cold Chain Equipment Optimisation Platform (CCEOP). It also provides guidance on identifying the most appropriate equipment choices for each health facility to help ensure more facilities have adequate cold chain capacity from higher performing equipment that stays functional for longer periods of time. Equipment included in the Guide is PQS certified and meets additional platform eligibility requirements. The Guide is intended in particular for use in identifying CCE needs and solutions for health facilities and at lower levels of the cold chain. 


The Technology Guide will be updated twice a year. Please contact Karuna Luthra (Gavi Market Shaping) with any questions. 

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Augustine Aniesona Réponse acceptée
Great to see this updated CCEOP technology guide here. You are amazing.
Thank you for the informative descriptions
Bappayo Sarkina Réponse acceptée

Thanks for sharing this CCEOP Manual with us.  This manual will be very useful to those people working in the immunizations supply chain. Actually, if we want our solar direct drive refrigerators to function effectively and to last for a very long period of time, we should clean our solar panels regularly especially when dust is accumulated. We should also ensure we mount our solar panels in the right direction when mounting it on the roof.


Thanks for the Gavi team and all consultants for working on this document. I hope most important issues (challenges) observed in the first document as well as the implementation of CCEOP I in most countries are well addressed.

Ahmed Sh. Mohamed Réponse acceptée

Thank very interesting 

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