Effective Vaccine Management (EVM) is a national EPI planning process endorsed and supported by WHO and UNICEF to assess and prioritize improvements in the immunization supply chain. EVM is embedded within the immunization supply chain (iSC) continuous improvement planning process. EVM was launched in 2009. Drawing on lessons learnt conducting EVM assessments in more than 80 countries, and by leveraging developments in mobile and cloud-based computing, EVM2, released in 2019, builds upon the original EVM1 assessment tool to provide countries with a broader, more powerful, more agile and more sustainable solution for improving ISC systems.

This page provides a list of EVM2 resources that can help:

  • Assessors to download, install and use the EVM app to assess health facilities
  • Managers to set up their EVM projects to create and deliver EVM assessments
  • Decision-makers to develop a continuous improvement plan (cIP)
  • Trainers to deliver customisable EVM training to assessors and managers

 A list of other relevant resources for EVM is also provided.


Resources for assessors

The following resources provide EVM assessors with guidance on how to use the EVM app to conduct health facility assessments.

The following video provides prospective EVM assessors with a short overview of the EVM tool and the data-collection process.


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Resources for managers

The following resources provide national, subnational, and independent EVM managers with guidance on how to use set up, create and deliver EVM assessments.


Resources for improvement planning

The following resources provide national decision-makers with guidance on how to develop a continuous immunization supply chain (iSC) improvement plan. It also provides guidance on how to develop country-specific standard operating procedures (SOPs).


Resources for trainers

The following resources provide EVM trainers with a set of training resources, organised into separate modules, that can be customised according to context and used to train EVM assessors and managers.


Other resources

For information on EVM1, released in 2009, please refer to the WHO EVM website: