Berlinger & Co. AG Fridge-tag 2

30 day electronic temperature logger

An irreversible temperature indicator for refrigerators that shows if a product, such as vaccine, has been exposed to temperatures beyond assigned alarm settings described above. As long as the temperature is within the allowed range, the OK sign is shown on the display. If the indicator is exposed to an out-of-range temperature the ALARM sign appears on the display. The device shows the actual temperature in degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit, all alarm violations over the previous 30 days (on a rolling basis), the daily minimum and maximum temperature of the last 30 days, and the time duration of any violation. Useful life is 3 years approx. Furthermore, the Fridge- tag 2 has a USB interface and can be connected to every PC or Mac. Without any installation of software, the Fridgetag 2 will generate a PDF document with a 60 days report which includes all relevant information per day such as min./max. and average temperatures, time out of range, alarm history etc. Use This electronic temperature indicator is used to monitor the correct storage temperature of vaccines and other perishable goods. The Fridge-tag 2 can operate with either the built-in sensor or with an external sensor with or without a glycol filled bottle. All devices are delivered with a NIST/ILAC traceable certificate. For more information:

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