Berlinger & Co. AG Fridge-tag 3 GSM

Remote Temperature Monitoring Device

Fridge-tag 3 is a wireless temperature monitoring system for cold chain equipment (CCE). Fridge-tag 3 transmits data and provides real-time temperature alerts through audio alarms and SMS (text messages); Alarm are also visible on the LCD display of the device. Its technical features include sim card slot for local or international sim card use, long battery life and operation, integrated antenna, external digital sensor and temperature data and power availability information upload through GPRS and SMS. Fridge-tag 3 can be used standalone or/and it can be integrated with Remote Temperature Monitoring (RTM) system (such as Berlinger SmartView) or other LMIS online platforms through its open API. The device can be configured remotely through either SMS or online platforms. The unit price includes (i) device, (ii) external digital sensor, (iii) power adapter and cable, (iv) mounting aid and (v) training guides warranty is only provided for the device and not for the accessories. For an additional fee an international sim card, with worldwide coverage can be provided, which enables automated selection of the strongest local network provider, optimal transmission costs and support. For an additional fee (of USD 24 / device / year), full access to Logistimo RTM online platform can be provided which includes: (a) real-time, interactive dashboards for monitoring cold-chain equipment performance and status (from National level down to facility level), (b) out-of-the-box analytics for gaining insights into cold-chain performance and strategic decision making, (c) alerts and notifications over SMS and/or email (SMS gateway charges are separate), and (d) remote device management, including remote configuration of devices and device monitoring. For more information:

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