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  1. Tshewang Dorji Tamang
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  3. dimanche 3 mai 2020


If pregrant women is COVID-19 positive and deliver baby, how it is important to give Hep.B, BCG and birth dose of OPV, or we can differ the vaccination till mother is fully recovered. Please suggest.

Tracey Goodman Réponse acceptée

Apologies for the delay in replying – it took a little while to find the answer.

This is a very good question.

WHO started a few weeks ago a living systematic review on pregnancy and COVID-19, including MTCT.

So far, the evidence suggest there is no confirmed cases of MTCT. A small proportion of newborns present symptoms close to birth, some may have positive test without symptoms. Most of the cases seem to be horizontal transmission after birth.

As long as the infant is well birth dose vaccination can be given.

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