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  1. Narayana Holla
  2. Service delivery
  3. Friday, 06 January 2017

Dear viewers

Proper vaccine administration is a critical component of a successful immunization program. It is a key part of ensuring that vaccination is as safe and effective as possible.

The attached PPT provides what one has to look for before vaccine administration, some of the points are country specific as per Immunization Handbook for Medical Officers - India. These points should be used in conjunction with professional standards and guidance from the vaccine manufacturer. As per GOI guidelines, vaccines are to be administered by the trained officials – usually the ANMs / staff nurse and the sessions are often supervised by the health supervisors / Monitors / Medical officers / programme officers, providing hands-on technical assistance, sharing the observations as feedback and feed-forward as a routine in the public sector.

But in the private sector including Private Medical Colleges, there is considerable gap in the operational knowledge as the scope for participating in the training / reorientation is very limited – neither the public sector can train all the private service providers nor the private service providers proactively co-ordinate with the Govt.

The crux of the problem as we often come across is that, the gap in the operational knowledge is not perceived and hence “training” is not the felt need in the private sector; as a result, children receive vaccines with doubtful potency; essential vaccines administered do not match with that of national schedule. Country is thus suffering from this “chronic social disease”.

As demanded by our Post Graduate students, as per the CDC general guidelines on vaccine administration, we prepared a PPT, though general, some of them are country specific. The attached PPT is for sharing with the viewers for inputs for making it more perfect and will be presented in the coming Academic Society Meeting in our college.

With best regards

Holla and the team

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