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  1. Omesh K. Bharti
  2. Service delivery
  3. Tuesday, 08 November 2011
The topic relates to Advance Market Commitments for whose benefit, the Pharma or the beneficiaries? The issue of Advance Market Commitments need urgent attention as this hs aquired a dangerous trend in industry. Advance Market Commitments is only benefitting pharma companies as there is only all benefit and no commitment on the part of the pharma companies. … ay2005.pdf Below I quote William Muraskin the noted Vaccine historian writting to Jacob in response to his article published in EPW, the link Dear Jacob, Thank you for sending me a copy of your commentary on Indian vaccine policy and Advance Market Commitments. Your questions and objections are exceptionally well chosen. The whole thing seems quite outrageous. The whole concept of AMCs to the extent that they have any legitimacy is that they are given by the rich countries and wealthy foundations as a means of meeting a moral obligation to the children of the developing world. It is not something that developing countries should be asked to shoulder. The risks in AMCs, of which there are many as you point out, should be risks for the Northern governments not the Southern ones. And finally I would conclude by adding that AMC is not only financial burden on developing countries but also discrim,inatory to those who donot even get basic vaccines.GAVI has enough resources in its hand and backing of many funding agencies, while we in India have to choose between routine vaccines and new vaccines and limited money available for this decision. If we alow newer vaccines without providing basic vaccines to at least 80% of the children, newer vaccines will only go to those who are already being immunised and deprived would further be deprived of immunisation and nobody would make any effort to reach them. There is also a danger of divertion of funds from basic vaccines to newer vaccines. Thanks and regards, Omesh Bharti, India

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