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  3. Monday, 02 November 2009
Fee-based immunization in Vietnam—what can we learn?by Dai Hozumi, PATH, and Nguyen Van Cuong, NIHE While most people in Vietnam receive traditional Expanded Programme on Immunization vaccines free from government-run clinics and health centers, many others elect to receive these and other immunizations for a fee from private- and public-medical providers. Understanding the extent and quality of these fee‑based services and the reasons families prefer them can help the government improve regulatory oversight of private providers and perhaps improve both public and private provision of immunization services by sharing information between them. Working with the Vietnam National Institute for Hygiene and Epidemiology (NIHE), Optimize is launching a fee-based immunization services assessment to (1) understand the extent of fee-based immunization service delivery practices and related vaccine supply practices; (2) document government policies, regulations, guidelines, and enforcement mechanisms related to fee-based immunization services; and (3) identify potential mechanisms and interventions to improve regulatory processes and capability on fee-based immunization services. The assessment will include a literature and document review, key informant interviews at the national level, provider surveys, interviews with patients, and a mapping exercise of the private-sector vaccine supply chain. When analysis is complete in early 2010, Optimize and NIHE will develop a set of recommendations for the government. This assessment, combined with the country’s first Effective Vaccine Management Assessment launched in September, will help the government identify areas of strength and weakness in its vaccination services and point toward areas where further investment and capacity building are needed. We invite you to comment on or post a question relating to this article by clicking the “post reply” button on this page. You will have to log in or register; the process is very simple. To link back to the Optimize e-newsletter, click here.

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