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  3. Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Robert Steinglass forwards this request.
Are you familiar with efforts to integrate child immunization and family planning services? If so, we need your help.

Family Health International (FHI) through its PROGRESS project and the Maternal and Child Health Integrated Program (MCHIP), led by Jhpiego with multiple partners including JSI (which has a long history of working on immunization projects), are collaborating to create an interactive, online map that will indicate countries where family planning messages and/or services have been integrated into child immunization programs.

The online map will include information about where each family planning and child immunization integration project is located, a brief 2-4 sentence summary of each project, and a link to an organization, if applicable. We are gathering country-level experiences worldwide. If possible, please take a few moments to send us brief responses to the questions below.

Family Planning and Child Immunization Integration:
Where have family planning messages or services for postpartum women been incorporated into child immunization visits since 2000?If family planning services have been offered with child immunization contacts, what form has the integration taken? For example, do immunization providers provide referrals to family planning services? Do immunization providers provide family planning methods during the same visit at a facility? Are immunization services offered with family planning through outreach services?If family planning services have been offered with child immunization programs, what types of services were they: group education and/or information sharing?individualized screening and referral?service provision? (If so, what family planning methods were offered?other? What, if any, research projects or data analyses have been conducted or are underway to assess an integrated approach to family planning and immunization service delivery?What existing national policies or guidelines are in place that support or impede integration?[/list] If you would prefer to discuss these questions via the phone, please let us know and we can set up a call. Please also send us the names and email addresses of colleagues who you think should receive this email, or please forward this message directly to them. Responses are requested by May 15, 2010 and can be sent to [][/email]

We greatly appreciate your assistance with this project. Your responses will help us to capture and disseminate information about research and programmatic efforts that are underway at a country-level—information which is not currently available or easily accessible. We would be happy to keep you informed about our progress as this effort unfolds. You can also find out more about PROGRESS and MCHIP projects at at respectively.


Holly Blanchard, MCHIP
Bill Finger, FHI, PROGRESS
Kate Rademacher, FHI, PROGRESS
Lora Shimp, MCHIP
John Stanback, FHI, PROGRESS
Robert Steinglass, MCHIP
Gwyneth Vance, FHI, PROGRESS
Trinity Zan, FHI, PROGRESS

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