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  1. Narayana Holla
  2. Service delivery
  3. Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Dear viewers Manoor is a SC of Community Health Centre (CHC) Kota of Udupi Taluk and district of Karnataka state. What the country wants to achieve by 2020 is already achieved and sustained. Udupi and the neighboring districts – Dakshinakannada, Kodagu, are all well performing districts. Only constraint is that 71.5% of birthing is occurring in the private sector including a pioneer private Medical College who deny / delay the administration of HepB birth dose vaccine and the coverage is 43.1%. The service providers from the Government have no access to timely vaccinate these newborns born in the private sector. Advocacy with the Medical College made no dent till this date. With personal efforts could get HepB birth dose vaccine to his child after 24 but before 48 hrs in his college. Following is the summary of data analysis of this SC with impression and recommendations: • Planning Unit : CHC Kota, SC : Manooru • Population : 6,180; CBR : 12.62 • Annual infants : 78; Annual Pregnant Women : 84 • ANM : Manda A Naik; Phone : 9731683226 • AWW : Shantha; ASHA : Jayanthi • Distance : 3 Km; AVD : ASHA • Transportation : Bus; Session Day/Date : 17th of every month Newborn Vaccination: 100% institutional delivery: 28.5% in Govt and 71. 5% in Private, Newborn Vaccination is 100% in Govt. Low and late birth dose HepB in private sector including Medical College. Zero OPV - 97.1%. BCG – 97.8%. HepB birth dose Primary vaccination is 100%. All completed 1st dose within 14 weeks All completed 3rd dose within 6 months; ~96% got subsequent dose within 6 weeks from the previous dose; All received DPT1Booster / OPV / Measles 2 between 518 & 622 days, completed before 21 months. Impression: Data analyzed using EXTENDED IMMUNOGRAM. Ø This Subcentre of Kota CHC has no population immunity gap. It has no backlog / dropout / left out. Ø It is operating routine immunization outreach session in “ALL TIME MISSION MODE”. Ø The exemplary work needs to be appreciated for replication and sustenance. The same in the form of PPT is attached. This is shared with ANM / LHV / MO / RCHO / DHO / DISTRICT MAGISTRATE of Udupi district for appreciating the dedicated work of the ANM/AWW/ASHA of Manoor SC. With regards Holla and the team

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