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  1. Tasnim Partapuri
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  3. Friday, 18 February 2011
A news brief about the ongoing Measles SIA in Cambodia follows. Also attached with this post are a presentation on the SIA and the Implementation Guidelines. For further information, please contact Aun Chum, Health Officer, UNICEF Cambodia ( Cambodia's Ministry of Health launched the 2011 Measles Immunization Campaign at a special ceremony on 10 February 2011 in Phnom Penh attended by the Minister of Health and representatives of health development partners. According to the Minister of Health, Mam Bun Heng, "the 2011 Measles Immunization Campaign aims to vaccinate all infants and children within the Kingdom, aged from 9 months of age to 5 years with one dose of measles vaccine”. Over 1,500,000 children are targeted to be vaccinated, and the immunization campaign will run from February till late March 2011. The Ministry of Health in Cambodia, along with 35 other countries and territories in the Western Pacific, have committed to achieving the goal of eliminating the disease measles from the region by the year 2012. Measles continues to cause significant death and disability, especially in young infants and children, despite an effective and safe vaccine that can prevent measles infection being available for many years now. According to official data released by the Ministry of Health, measles outbreaks have occurred in Cambodia over recent years, and 2010 was noted to have the largest number of measles cases in children since the last measles immunization campaign in 2007. In the speech given by the World Health Organization Country Representative, Dr. Pieter van Maaren, he noted that “the success of this measles immunization campaign is vital for Cambodia achieving the goal of measles elimination by 2012 and preventing further outbreaks of measles in the Kingdom. And success means that no children in the target age range are allowed to miss out on receiving the measles vaccine. We are confident that Cambodia can achieve the goal of measles elimination, but it will require hard work from all, health workers, community volunteer and village health support groups, the NIP/MOH and development partners." Dr. van Maaren also noted that the success of this campaign will also depend on how well the immunization teams do in immunizing children in communities that have the lowest immunization coverage, particularly the urban poor, floating populations, migrant and remote rural communities. Between now and the end of March, the Ministry of Health will be dispatching vaccination teams, supported by village health support group throughout the country. The National Immunization Programme estimates that about 19,000 vaccination posts countrywide will be set up with 3,700 vaccinators recruited from all the health facilities with support from local authorities and volunteers for community mobilization. In addition to measles vaccine, the immunization teams will also provide vitamin A and deworming tablet to all children, with children in high risk areas also receiving a “catch-up dose” of oral polio vaccine. Measles Vaccination Campaign 2011.ppt 2_Implementation Guidelines for measles SIA 2011_Eng.doc
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Thank you Tasmin, This is just the sort of post that TechNet21 needs. James
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