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  1. Adebayo Adekola
  2. Supply chain and logistics
  3. Tuesday, 26 January 2021

Dear colleagues,

The updated e-course on National Logistics Working Group is now live on UNICEF AGORA!. Access course here:

Several countries acknowledge the National Logistics Working Groups (NLWGs) as an effective in-country coordination mechanism for improving supply and logistics management within immunization and health programmes. The NLWG plays an active role in  developing appropriate terms of reference and standard operating procedures to coordinate COVID-19 vaccines and ancillary products deployment at all levels in collaboration with partners. 

This course offers opportunities to learn how to establish the NLWG and strengthen its operations at national and sub-national levels. The update covers the importance of data-driven decision making and the role of sub-national logistics working groups (SNLWG) working in tandem with the NLWG. It is useful for  EPI personnel, Ministry of Health representatives, supply chain/logistics managers, consultants, partners and ICC members.

The guidance on maintaining immunization supply chain in the context of COVID-19: considerations for the NLWG also provides insights to key actions required at country level. Also check the topical page on TechNet-21 here: and library for NLWG resources:

For more information and support, contact .

Thank you!


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