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  3. Monday, 13 July 2015
We are pleased to share the new PtD Newsflash no. 16 with our colleagues. In this issue of the PtD Newsflash, read more about the:
  • Webinar for the LAC region on systematic approaches to increasing professionalism in health SCM
  • Newgraduates from the Pharmacy Assistant Training Program in Malawi
  • Post Graduate Diploma in PharmaceuticalProcurement & SCM from Empower Health
  • Editorial by Dr. Gamal Ali, NMSF Sudan and PtD Board Member
Read the full Newsflash here: [email][/email] or visit our website at . Regards, Sara A KHAN People that Deliver UNICEF Supply Division, Copenhagen, Denmark | [email][/email] | Ph. +45-45335860 | Skype: peoplethatdeliver | Oceanvej 10-12 | 2150 Nordhavn | Copenhagen, Denmark Follow us at or on Twitter @PplthatDeliver

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