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  3. Sunday, 21 December 2008
POST 01365E: TECHNET21 E-FORUM TOPICS IN 2008 21 DECEMBER 2008 ****************************************** The Table below displays the broad classification of posts based on the content that was disseminated. Though it is heartening to note that discussion posts lead, it accounted for only 33% of the total. In fact, less than 10% of TechNet subscribers sent in contributions. Hopefully, 2009 should see greater participation as the e-forum broadens its features supported by an enhanced website. GIN (GAVI) DISCUSSION TECHNICAL_INFORMATION JOBS REFERENCE 9 47 67 16 44 Listed below are the topics that had more than three postings: Cold Chain Maintenance: covering the decision to repair or replace equipment; new vaccines and the cold chain; budgets for scrapping equipment; economic viability of running workshops; maintenance training, etc. (13 posts) Polio Eradication (11) Health Sector and National Energy Policy—also linked to Waste Disposal: (6) Waste Management: covering need for a feasibility baseline, weighted approach for decision-making, needle-melting devices (6) VVM: covering the question of reliability, broadening its use in out of cold chain delivery, dark specks in active area (5) Vaccine Freezing Prevention Memoire (5) MIS for Immunization (5) Safe Injection Practices (4) School-based Tetanus Vaccination (4) Climate Change and Health (3) [/list] Are there any topics that TechNet readers would like to see discussed that have not found a place in the list? Write in ([][/email]) with your responses and suggestions so that the lacunae can be filled. The topics that are likely to engage us through 2009 include MDVP, Out of Cold Chain and VVM. Readers can access the presentation on the TechNet21 e-forum here. Post generated using Mail2Forum (

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