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  3. Tuesday, 28 April 2009
POST 01423E: TOOLS FOR SUPPORTIVE SUPERVISION FOLLOW-UP ON POSTS 01412E, 01415 & 01420E 28 APRIL 2009 ****************************************** Dear Padmini, We would like to thank all those who have provided feedback on these tools, and encourage them to change them in ways that best support their own programs. We particularly appreciate the comments of Jules Millogo, posted on Technet21. However, I would like to comment on two of his observations. Jules suggests to delete one of our categories in the injection safety tool because it relies on hearsay. In using all these tools, we back up observations by examination of records and careful discussions with the immunization staff. After all, the intent is not to find fault, but to impart information. Jules also comments on our category about touching the injection site. This derives from a practice we have observed in the field which involves the vaccinator intentionally pressing on the injection site after immunization, presumably to distribute the vaccine, and this practice is not recommended. Regarding the important contribution from Kelechi E Amaefule, we agree that this could be captured (i.e. final disposal of safety boxes and cotton wool and mode of transport of waste if it has to be transported for disposal). In our work, we assess it through other means as incinerator use and training, and transport policies are not developed at health center level, so we look more at numbers and accessibility of filled safety boxes. We encourage each of you to adapt the tools as best suit your needs! We look forward to more feedback on experience in using these and similar tools as a means of providing supportive supervision. Best regards, Julie Milstien

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