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  3. Wednesday, 31 October 2012
Many thanks to Tasnim Partapuri for directing our attention here! UNICEF developed the Meena Communication Initiative (MCI) as a mass communication project aimed at changing perceptions and behaviour that hamper the survival, protection and development of girls in South Asia. Following eight years of extensive research in the region since the initial conceptualization, UNICEF launched the Meena Communication Initiative in September 1998. The name Meena is one that spans the different cultures in the region, and a cast of carefully researched characters has been created for Meena's family and community. The Meena stories are entertaining and fun, but also reflect the realities of girls' lives in South Asia. The stories revolve around the adventures of Meena, her brother Raju, her pet parrot Mithu, and members of her family and village community. The stories cover issues such as education, health, gender equity, freedom from exploitation and abuse. ( Christian Clark writes in the Animation World Magazine (Meena Comes To A Store Near You): "The Meena initiative is also a radical departure from traditional communication projects in the non-profit sector. It has been designed to be ultimately self-financing. ... To put it into an animation industry perspective, the foundation will operate something like the U.S.-based Children's Television Workshop which produces the popular children's television show Sesame Street. One key difference: instead of promoting numeracy and literacy, the Meena project will promote girls' rights and excellence in children's media in the region. ... To sustain such an ambitious project, UNICEF, for the first time in the United Nation's history, is planning to "commercialize" a project. Merchandising and licensing the Meena brand, syndicating the animated programs, as well as local sponsorships and "tie-ups," are all expected to come on-stream after the launch. The project is taking a long term commercial view, for it is recognized that changing the societal position and view of female children is a long-term endeavor." Among the comic books and films is one on immunization: Baby Rani's Four Visits - The importance of EPI (immunization) Rosa-meena-baby-ranis-four-visits.pdf

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