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  1. Narayana Holla
  2. Service delivery
  3. Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Dear all

Generally both parents and beneficiaries feel just pushing the vaccine will result in immunization. To maintain the quality of service, CDC has set 8 rights to be observed before / while and after administering any vaccine.

Control of TB is a question of justice and human rights. Globally, out of all infectious diseases, after HIV/AIDS, TB is the second biggest killer [26% and is preventable]. TB kills or debilitates more adults aged between 15 and 59 years than any other disease in the world.

Successful TB control in the long term can be achieved only by the combined efforts of

  1. Administration of BCG vaccination to infants, preferably at birth, to prevent both primary infection and secondary reactivation of latent infection.
  2. Early case detection, directly observed treatment and contact tracing.

The BCG vaccine was first used to immunize humans in 1921. It is one of the most widely used of all current vaccines, reaching >80% of neonates and infants in countries where it is part of the national childhood immunization programme.

Dr Robin Basu Roy said: “We found that BCG does prevent TB infection, which has been underappreciated until now…..; it has a bigger role than previously thought in protecting children for up to 20 years, especially when given to neonates, in addition to 70-80% effectiveness against the most severe forms of TB, such as miliary TB and tuberculous meningitis in children.

continued in the attachment

Present practice: In the public sector, at birth, zero OPV 2 drops orally [noninvasive hence painless], BCG 0.05mL intradermally [ID] to the left upper arm [less painful] and 0.5mL Hepatitis B monovalent vaccine, intra muscularly [IM] more painful are administered in that order in the labor room during the observation period before shifting to the post natal ward.

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Narayana Holla Accepted Answer

Dear Tamang

I am very late in responding, hope you have the answer by now.

As per manufacturers notes specific to PCV 13, "it can be administered concomitantly with trivalent inactivated influenza vaccinne (TIV) for adults aged 50 years and older.




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Can we give PCV 13  and Flu vaccine (Influenza) together for adult population i.e +65 Yrs old?
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Narayana Holla Accepted Answer

Dear Tamang,

Yes - as per literature, it plays several role, both specific and non specific: against leprosy and Buruli tropical ulcer due to AFB; non-specifically it is used in the treatment of bladder cancer, wart. Being live attennuated, it can lower overall child mortality. All these literatures are available like WHO vaccine position paper.

Dear Chandralal

Thanks for responding, I was very much impressed by the CDC guidelines and made the PPT which I presented in the Academic Society Meeting [tailor made for our College] but holds good more than 95% for any service providers. See attached.

Best wishes

Holla n team




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Dear Narayana,

May I request you to kindly let me know which are the 8 rights to be observed before / while and after administering any vaccine?



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I believed BCG Vaccine also prevents some form of Leprosy, is it right?




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