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  1. Dr Daudi Manyanga
  2. Programme management
  3. Friday, 02 December 2011
Tanzania is among the 11 Sub-Saharan (SSA) countries that have recorded significant progress in reducing child mortality through several interventions including immunization services. Sustaining this immunization gains (and the overall reduction of infant mortality) is a major challenge. A critical constraint to sustaining the trajectory remains an acute shortage of health workforce and funding immunization activities in the world of growing needs and demand. The critical shortage of health workforce is not only in numbers but on availability of cadres that provide the link between communities and the health system. There are several initiatives in Tanzania of using Community Health Assistants as strive for achievement of MDGs. Many professionals discussions on the use of community health attendants on reaching MDG never come into consensus, can anybody provide his experience on these! Their professional support role after short term training (2 – 6 weeks), recruitment, remunerations, sustainability issues, addressing equity issues etc

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